File Cabinet Lock Replacement Keys

A Complete Solution For Your File Cabinet Locks And Keys In Seattle

Maybe you've lost all your file cabinet keys. Alternatively, have the cabinet lock broken beyond repair. In that case, file cabinet replacement might be your only option for you. Our locksmiths in Seattle, can replace your file cabinet. In some cases, replacing the file cabinet lock may be easier than cutting a key.

Our team can replacing any filing cabinet locks. Nevertheless, the most effective way to determine whether it is possible to change your filing cabinet lock would be to have it checked by our locksmiths. Arrange a meeting with us, and our locksmiths are glad to take a look at the file cabinet and suggest possible solutions.

Our filing cabinet lock-out and replacement service encompass all cabinet manufacturers. Whether you have Calico, Hirsh, or Hon brand cabinets, we can open or swap them. Do not waste your valuable time and resources attempting to fix a filing cabinet if it's damaged beyond repair. In lieu of this, contact us to replace your filing cabinet and obtain you a more efficient one. Our filing cabinet replacing service is effective, affordable, and customized to cater to our client's needs. Contact us to schedule an appointment for your file cabinet replacement.

While many documents have been transferred to the cloud, it is still crucial to retain physical copies. Office filing cabinets serve as an easy way of storing them. However, losing the key to the cabinets can happen due to frequent use. If this happens, a quick response becomes crucial.

Our expert commercial locksmiths provide filling cabinet lock exchange keys to support you in safeguarding your valuable documents and permitting you to obtain them conveniently whenever needed. .

Are You Locked Out of Your File Cabinets?

It is a wise and commonly used strategy for numerous organizations to keep their confidential documents locked away in a file cabinet. What happens, though, if you misplace the keys or for example you just accidentally lock your keys inside the filing cabinet?

Great news is that we have experienced technicians right around the corner, willing to help you with regaining access back to your crucial papers, as we understand that efficiency is crucial.

People reach out us often to get key for their filing cabinets. Actually, you can usually get spare keys for these drawers without too much trouble if there is a tiny code stamped on the front of the lock.

If you have a moment to spare a few days, it is possible to purchase them online for a very reasonable fee. If you need replacement keys right away, you can go to a professional locksmith and ask them to create a spare key. They will need the code, so take a photo of the lock front using your smartphone prior to heading to the locksmith.

If you don't want to deal with visiting a locksmith, We are available to cut by code a key for your file cabinet at your location alternatively, We can employ traditional methods to create a key.

Another option is to bolt an Abus File Bar onto the outside of the filing cabinet. The nice thing about these is that you can lock any filing cabinet with a rekeyable lock. This means that if your workplace has a mishmash of different brands of file cabinets, you can still secure them all with one set of keys. Additionally, the same key that you lock your office door with, if you want. Or, you can create a master key your locks so that your masterkey works in all of them, but another key only unlocks one of them. You can compartmentalize your file cabinets' security.

Who Can Benefit from More Secure File Cabinets?

There are many industries that keep confidential information on paper documents. At some point, much of this information gets scanned and stored electronically. However, during ongoing projects, people continue to produce a considerable amount of physical documentation. Within particular industries, such as healthcare, there exist privacy laws, like HIPAA, which regulate the privacy of sensitive information. Instances of industries that must ensure file security include:

Get File Cabinet Locks Professionally Installed

Secure filing cabinets require proper setup and reinforcement. If you are investing money on high-security filing cabinet locks, it pays to have a professional locksmith set up them.

What is the best way to Secure a Filing Cabinet?

It's important to note that the locks on cabinets and desks, which are constructed by the manufacturer, are not of top grade, and they can be easily picked and manipulated because they are basic factory locks and not very durable. Therefore, before discussing some top suggestions for safeguarding these furniture products, this initial tip should be considered.

Here you will find other type of high security filing cabinets:
  • GSA file safe cabinets
  • Fire-proof filing cabinets
  • Add a Filing Cabinet Locking Bar

    Secure your essential documents and sensitive information with a add-on locking bar. These retrofit locking mechanisms are made of heavy-duty metal and intended to be mounted on the side of the file cabinet. Once the security bar is closed, it can be secured using a padlock.

    Change the Original Manufacturer Locks

    If you value office furniture security, the first thing you'll do is swap out the locks that come with the furniture. If you're handy, you might be able to do it on your own. If not, you can always contact a professional locksmith to help you with this. Switching out the locks to a more secure, better lock will greatly improve the security of your desks and cabinets in the office.

    Upgrade to Electronic Filing Cabinet Locks

    Your office can switch to electronic locking devices, specifically smart locks that can replace standard filing cabinet locks, in order to completely avoid the traditional key problem. These locks can be configured to meet your staff's needs and can be easily retrofitted to most existing storage cabinets.

    Locking and unlocking, which can be controlled by a keypad, Bluetooth or magnetic proximity reader, can be performed using either key fobs or access cards. This additional layer of protection for physical data is achieved through the locking devices keeping a time-stamped record of the individuals who accessed the files.

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