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Door Closers by the best in Seattle

Here at Seattle Locksmith, we want to help you protect your residence or company. While many people jump straight to surveillance cameras or other high-tech solutions which our team can certainly provide, we often encourage those thinking this way to slow down and make sure the fundamentals are taken care of first. When we talk about the fundamentals of keeping your property safe, it doesn't get more basic than making sure that your doors close behind you. If you want to eliminate human error from this equation, we recommend investing in automatic door closers.

Overhead Door Closers | Concealed Door Closers | Floor Door Closers

Seattle Locksmith fixes and upgrades a wide variety of Door Closers such as doors that operate on a track, doors that are unlocked by a magnetic mechanism, and Hydraulic Door Closers. Our experts know precisely what kind Closer is suitable for your needs and can install door closers at any time or wherever it is suitable for you.

More Types Of Door Closers

Surface Mounted Door Closers | Floor Spring Door Closers | Regular Arm Door Closers

If you want to make your building much secure it's a good idea to automatic closing the door; if your door isn't closed, the lock of your door cannot do its own job. In case you have installed a door closer, no matter how distracted your resident is, your door will close behind him or her and in case the strike plate is installed correctly, the lock's deadlatch will make sure that only somebody with the correct key can get in.

Door closers play a critical role in maintaining your building's security. You can't always rely on people to to close the door after themselves. You may have experienced a situation such as being in a restaurant that didn't have a door closer installed on the front door, and having to deal with people unknowingly leaving the door open on a cold and windy night as they went in or out. People are often wrapped up in their own thoughts and don't always consider the greater ideals concerning the comfort and security of their fellow occupants. For this reason, it's not possible to count on them to close the door. You have to do it for them with the help of a door closer.

There are two good reasons to replace your door closer if you believe it is failing. The primary and most important is security. If it malfunctions, it may not shut completely and the door may not latch and some unwanted person may enter the property the lock on the entrance is meant to keep out. The other reason is that hydraulic fluid in the door closer may leak out onto the entrance and ground and leave a awful stain that is impossible to get out. It also stinks really awful.

If you see that your door is shutting more quickly or slower than normal, or barely closing properly, or if there is a sticky oily brownish mess leaking out of it, it might be about time to replace it, in which case you ought to reach out to us now.

We Repair Slamming or Leaking Door Closers

We recommend floor-mounted door closers for extremely durable door uses.

Floor Closers can be installed in a cement housing and concealed by the threshold or a cover plate.

Can a Locksmith Handle all my Commercial Door Closer Problems?

Definitely. The locksmiths of our business are continuously updated to install the newest in door closer devices. We have the ability to restore common issues made by different technicians, replace or install door closer arms, mounting hardware, screws, and carry out regular servicing as needed.

Advantages of installing a door closer in your property:

1. Removes the issue of loud doors: Continuous slamming and shutting of a door in a busy area can be frustrating. In case you have a receiving area or waiting room, our team can set up a door closer system to guarantee that the speed of the door opening and closing can be controlled for your comfort.

2. One important benefit is keeping shut: Within office environments particularly and in commercial areas, doors may remain open, affecting the security of the property and exposing the office or commercial space to environmental elements. A device that automatically shuts the door shuts the door when it is left open and ensures the property is secure and no doors are left unlocked. Our company are expert locksmiths with the experience and knowledge to offer a reliable service across Seattle.

3. We offers an easy option that is Easy To Use for installing a door closer on a commercial or high traffic area. Additionally, upkeeping the door closer is simple and clients can choose from a range of door closers which are offered to fit their individual needs.

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  • Cost Of A Grade 1 Door Closer

    Grade 1 door closers are typically $450 - $600. However, at Automatic Door and Hardware we produce our own premium quality door closers we call Commando Series, and as a result, we have done away with the middle man. We transfer these savings on onto our customers, enabling you to save money on grade 1 door closers.

    Can I Replace A Grade 2 or Grade 3 Door Closer With A Grade 1 Door Closer?

    (Also known as; ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 and ANSI/BHMA Grade 3)

    Absolutely! In fact, it is suggested to replace a lower grade door closer, such as a grade 2 or grade 3 by upgrading to a grade 1 one. Grade 1 door closers can endure longer, function better, and be more economical in the long run. What many building owners fail to realize, is that a door closer plays more of a role in your overall life span than simply closing the door. If a faulty 2nd grade or III door closer is leaking oil, the oil can destroy the primer finish on your metal door or the veneer on your wood door. If you have a glass aluminum door, it can stain the glass. Not only that, but if a second grade or III closer is damaged internally such as the piston or gear shaft, and you are still using and operating the door, it will put more strain on other door components like the hinges and will wear them out pre-maturely.

    ADA Requirements

    Whenever implementing door closer modifications, it is important to take into account the Americans with Disabilities Act as an important factor. Individuals with impairments or other limitations can use the door as a result of this.|This ensures that persons with impairments or other limitations can operate the door. Adjusting a door closer guarantees that it does not require to be forced open and passed through by a bodybuilder. The force required to open the door should not exceed five pounds of resistance from the closure.

    As the door advances in conjunction with the swing of the door, it involves primary speed and power of the spring that closes the door. These features of the door closer are adjusted through changes on the mechanism. However, the criterion for these changes may take second priority by regulations for fire safety or the location of exterior doors.

    At, we offer a wide selection of hardware for doors, including premium door closers which offer numerous advantages for your company. For one thing, in case you possess access control on your exterior doors, door closers will make certain the door is secure after each legitimate entry. These devices also assist in reduce your heating and cooling costs as a significant amount of indoor air can slip out when a door is left open.

    Seattle Locksmith specialize in sales, service and installation of door closers for all doors, whether its a fire rated door, apartment building door, classroom door, metal door, aluminum door, or wood door we have the right door closers for any doors. All heavy duty commercial grade door closer installs comes with 25 year manufactures warranty.

    Door closers can benefit indoor doors as much as they are for exterior ones. For instance, doors that lead to staircases ought to have door closers installed on them for safety purposes. Moreover, they ought to be installed on limited areas for example stockrooms, data centers, utility rooms, and other such areas.

    If you're interested in learning more about closing mechanisms for your business or you have some that are not functioning properly, feel free to reach out to us.

    Why go for Lock and Key Expert?

    Our mobile locksmith will be there at the 'distress area' in no time as we have vans equipped with GPS and our standby vans are strategically positioned in multiple locations of Seattle and the King County metro. Our valued clients can count on us for:

    At Seattle Locksmith, we provide exceptional services for automatic door closers to ensure your security. We is dedicated to fulfill your specific needs and offer you with the best fit. In addition, we can create an appropriate number of keys and guide you through the entire security process. If you need immediate assistance, our expert locksmiths will come to your location in an hour to take care of the issue.

    Wobbly or Noisy Doors

    If your automatic door closer starts to make noise or become squeaky, it could eventually get stuck and become useless. Just lubricating the door closer will not permanently fix the problem. Instead, call in our experts. They can identify the precise cause of the problem and offer a permanent solution. Don't wait to repair your door closer today!

    When you need locksmith near you, give us a call.

    Final Thoughts

    Make sure each door closer in a building is appropriately adjusted. Before we finish installing the door, we check twice if they're working properly. This can greatly enhance the safety and performance of the opening.

    If you're not sure whether your door closers are functioning properly, you may book an appointment for us to troubleshoot with us. In case you need replacement door closer, our experts can offer you a free estimate.