Our General Locksmith Pricing

Many customers spend considerable time researching before making a purchase, which is understandable. Thorough research helps find the best deals on items or services, potentially saving money. However, while this approach works well for buying cars, TVs, or lawn care services, it can be risky when selecting a locksmith for more complex needs. In fact, price-shopping for a locksmith in the area may make you vulnerable to unscrupulous professionals.

How Can Price-Shopping Hurt a Customer?

Why can price-shopping for a locksmith backfire? If you’re focused solely on price, you might quickly choose the locksmith with the lowest quote, ignoring other critical factors. This can lead to problems, as some locksmiths who advertise the lowest prices do so to attract clients, then exploit them with bait-and-switch scams.

Understanding Bait-and-Switch Scams

The bait-and-switch scam is simple yet alarmingly effective, damaging the locksmith industry's reputation. While not exclusive to locksmiths, this industry is particularly affected due to the urgency of most services. The "bait" is a low, almost unbelievably cheap "service call" fee.

Once the arrangement is made, the locksmith arrives and performs the service without mentioning any change in cost. However, upon completion, the price often increases significantly. Dishonest locksmiths claim the original quoted price was a basic estimate, with additional charges for mileage and emergency nature, thereby inflating the final cost. The bait attracts business, and the switch maximizes profit.

Protecting Yourself from Locksmith Scams

Is there a way to find a reasonably priced locksmith without falling victim to scams? Absolutely. It’s crucial to remember that not all locksmiths are unethical. Many, including here at Seattle Locksmith, We are committed to offering high-quality services at fair prices in the Seattle area.

The best way to find a reliable locksmith is by searching for a local locksmith BEFORE you need one! Speak directly with local locksmiths, avoid call centers, be cautious of online reviews as they can be manipulated. Avoid prices that seem too good to be true and prefer locksmiths who quote a flat rate.

If you need immediate services, contact us at SeattleLocksmith.com. With over 40 years in the locksmith industry, we bring extensive experience and expertise to every job. Importantly, we stand by our quotes, so the price you’re quoted is the price you’ll pay.

General Pricing for Locksmith Services

Curious about our service charges? If this question is on your mind, you might be facing a lock-related emergency or preparing to change the locks in your new home.

It's essential to understand that our prices can differ widely between various factors, and can influence the cost, including the specific issue you're dealing with and the materials required for the job, time of day, driving distance and more.

We all prioritize our security, and naturally, we want to safeguard our homes and businesses with the best and most reliable locksmith. Just like any other industry, our prices can fluctuate over time.

Knowing this, we strive to provide clear and competitive pricing for all our services.

Service Pricing

Our Service Call Fee: $75

Residential Locksmith Price
Lockout Services $150
Lock Rekey $80
Lock Replacement $120
Lock Installation $120
Keyless Locks $300
Burglary Damage Repair $350
High Security Locks $350
Broken Key Removal $120
Antique Locks Key Made $150
Door Adjustments $80
Sliding Glass Door Locks $220
French Door Locks $220
Fresh Lock Installation $120
Commercial Locksmith Price
Lockout Service $150
Lock Re Keying $80
Master Key Systems $80
Burglary Damage Repair $350
High Security Locks $350
File Cabinet Key Made $150
Lock Replacement $180
Latch Protectors $350
Continuous Hinge $800
Panic Bars $450
Door Closers $450
Electromagnetic Lock $450
Electric Strikes $450
Automotive Locksmith Price
Lockout $150
Car Key Replacement $250
Transponder Keys $350
Broken Key Extraction $150
ECU Reflash $350
Ignition Services $150
Key Fob $250
Remote Keys $250
Motorcycle Keys $250
RV and Trailer Replacement Keys $250
Boats & Marine Replacement Keys $250
Safes Locksmith Price
Safe Unlocking $350
Safe Repair $350
Combination Change $180

Note: All above pricing are starting at prices