Master Key to Understanding Honda and Acura Keys: Insight from a 40-Year-Old Locksmith Company

For more than 40 years, we have been providing unparalleled locksmith services, including dealing with car key systems, such as those of Honda and Acura. Navigating the landscape of these renowned brands' key technologies is an area we've become experts in. This article seeks to shed light on the intricacies involved in the duplication, origination, and application of Honda and Acura chip keys.

Understanding Honda and Acura Chip Keys

Honda and Acura, as part of their commitment to quality and security, have integrated advanced chip key technology into their vehicles. It's important to recognize the models equipped with this standard feature.

For Honda, these models include:

For Acura, the models with this technology include:

Duplication and Origination of Chip Keys

Earlier Honda and Acura keys can be duplicated economically through a cloning process. However, later models, depending on the model and year, transitioned to an encrypted transponder system. While most of these systems can be cloned, it's often more feasible to program extra keys to the car using diagnostic equipment. It's crucial to note that when using programming equipment, all keys must be present.

In instances where all keys are lost, it's necessary to originate proper chip keys and program the car using diagnostic equipment. Notable exceptions are '97 and later Preludes and '96 and later RLs. For these models, the immobilizer module can be reflashed, a service only specific locksmiths, like us, offer.

Some later models have integrated the use of proximity fobs or push-button start systems as optional or standard equipment. From 2003, all Hondas switched to a sidewinder type key, and Acura followed suit a few years later, although the transition year varied by model. As experts in this field, we cut these keys on a daily basis.

Rest assured that with our four-decade experience in the locksmith industry, we are capable of duplicating and originating all Honda and Acura chip keys. Trust us for the security and peace of mind that comes with professional locksmith services.