GM Transponder Keys

GM first used transponder chip keys in 1997, but they were not quick to phase in this technology. Currently, GM uses transponders on most of its models.

Do not confuse transponder keys with the earlier VATS/PASS keys which have a visible resistor pellet.

Many original GM transponder keys have either PK3, PK3+ or a "+" marked onto them.

Moreover, GM further utilizes a technology named Pass Lock in certain automobiles dating from 1996 to 2007. Such cars do use electronics along with the ignition, yet, there are no electronics in the keys.

This fact often is a point of confusion. An additional common confusion concerns immobilization technologies employed on truck models.

General Motors has not used transponder chips in any truck models until 2007. Models with transponder chip keys are:

Buick Models:

Cadillac Models:

Chevrolet Models:

GMC Models:

Oldsmobile Models:

Pontiac Models:

Saturn Models:

General Motors employs one of the most straightforward ways for adding keys. Their previous PK3 key systems may be copied by one of two techniques.

One primary method involves an easy onboard method, using a single pre-programmed transponder key together with an additional transponder key.

The different way is cloning the transponder value onto a key with an exclusive rewriteable chip.

Each method is considered simple, with each equally viable.

Later keys that have a PK3+ encrypted technology may as well be programmed using the very same simple onboard method assuming one programmed transponder key exists.

In case all keys get lost for an automobile that uses a PK3 or the PK3+ technology, replacement keys can yet be configured using an in-car re-programming process that takes 30 minutes to finish.

Exceptions include: The Catera, G3, Aveo, and GTO utilize different programming techniques, thus the previously mentioned doesn't apply.

Starting from the model Saturn Astra in 2008, GM is altering the key format on more and more vehicle models yearly to a high-security sidewinder (side milled) key type.

Our team has been consistently cutting this kind of key for about 30 years now. Also, some of these vehicles listed above employ Passive Entry and Passive Start fobs instead of bladed keys having transponder chip systems.

Prox fobs are either an optional feature or standard equipment, depending on model and year. Our team is equipped to copy and also create for all of the General Motors transponder keys.