Mastering the Art of Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury Chip Keys: A Journey of Four Decades

The integration of transponder chip keys into automobile security has been a defining moment in the locksmith industry. In particular, Ford started implementing these technological marvels in 1996, significantly enhancing their vehicles' security. Over time, almost all Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury models have come to adopt this innovative technology.

Identifying and Applying Transponder Chip Keys

Ford Models

Lincoln and Mercury Models

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Key Duplication & Origination

The duplication and origination process for these chip keys have some conditions. Ford keys from 1996 and '97 can be duplicated with a simple on-board procedure, provided you have one existing programmed key. From 1998 onwards (with minor exceptions), two existing keys are necessary to program an additional one. In cases where you only have one or no keys, our cutting-edge diagnostic equipment can program the keys for you.

Certain models listed above utilize Passive Entry, Passive Start (PEPS) fobs instead of the traditional bladed keys with transponder chips. These proximity-based fobs are either optional or standard equipment, varying by model and year.

Moreover, Ford is revamping the mechanical key style across numerous models, shifting to specially cut keys like the "sidewinder" type or the "Tibbe" type used in Transits. We are proud to share that we have been mastering these "high security" key formats for three decades.

Our expert locksmiths are capable of duplicating and originating all Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury chip keys. With forty years of experience under our belt, we bring you an unmatched blend of skill, knowledge, and reliability. Whether it's a standard key or a high-security version, we've got you covered.