Seattle Locksmith - Acura Locksmith Service!

We are able to originate new Acura chip keys.

Initial Honda and Acura keys may be duplicated by a cloning process, which is extremely affordable. Subsequent Cars, depending on model and production year, switched to an encrypted transponder. The majority of those can be cloned, but this is not as convenient as programming additional keys to the car with diagnostic equipment. When using programming equipment, every key must be present.

If all keys are lost, correct chip keys need to be originated, and the car must be programmed using diagnostic equipment. Exemptions are the '97 and up Preludes and the '96 and up RLs. With these, the immobilizer module can be reset, which is a service exclusive to specific locksmiths.

Some later models use keyless entry remotes (push-to-start) as either optional or standard equipment.

All Honda switched to a sidewinder type key in 2003 (2002 for the CRV). Acura followed a few years later, according to the model. We cut these keys every day.

HONDA / ACURA Chip Keys RECOGNITION & APPLICATION The following Honda and Acura models are equipped standard with transponder keys: